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Welcome to Sri Manush Photography

Sri Manush Photography is one of the leading wedding photography company in Tamil Nadu, founded and directed by a Experienced technician. Our cameramen and editors are working in Film industry. Marriage is an unforgettable moment in everybody’s life. We can recollect the memories only through the photographs and video. So we respect our client’s feelings, we do our best in our service. In our period we done over 100 successful weddings..

We are professional marriage photographers in Trichy who have a profound knowledge of artistic theory, including the delicate concepts of design, lighting, composition, color, and balance. We deploy the best-in-class equipment and lighting solutions for capturing your special moments in an even more special way..

We try our best to achieve technical and compositional perfection in every shot. We have set high benchmarks in terms of quality. Beyond consistently proffering superior experiences, we continue to innovate with the thought of offering nothing but the best to all our clients.We deploy an innovative use of lights and shadows along with a contemporary editorial approach to create visual imagery that closely celebrates your story. We put in all our knowledge and skill to shoot in a classic style so that every bride looks as iconic and stunning as she feels.

Professional Photographers & Videographers

The team of Candid Red comprises of exceedingly professional and innovative photographers and cinematographers who seek to transform your precious memories into stunning images. They have an ingenious vision in tandem with years of experience that helps them to bring out the natural, raw emotions on paper. They do not miss out on the smallest of details and endeavor to portray the real emotions through candid pictures.

Our passionate group of photographers largely believes that success occurs at the intersection of skill, hard work and modesty. Thus, we continually embrace new challenges and look for learning opportunities to grow and evolve with each new day.

Our Team

Every wedding locks away millions of inexpressible emotions, memories, and thoughts that become invaluable over time. Our goal is to effectively capture those emotions and feelings that will help you relive your big day over and over againAs the leaders in the industry, we continually experiment with new-fangled tools and equipment and bring together several photography styles to contest our ingenuity and capture enthralling images.

Being one of the best wedding photographers in Trichy, we are highly acclaimed for our eccentric style of photography that observes wedding photojournalism inspired by fine-art. We pride ourselves on being the best marriage photographers in Trichy .

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